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Leading West Michigan
with Ryan Howe

Leading West Michigan is a radio program focused on those individuals guiding our region now and into the future. At multiple points in every person's life they have the opportunity to say "Yes", take a risk, and lead others.  We focus on the pivotal moments in the lives of each West Michigan Leader when they said "Yes" and how it transformed their lives and the lives of others.

You can listen to Leading West Michigan on WMOM 102.7FM over the air and online at

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About the Host: Ryan Howe

I've always been fascinated with leaders. At multiple points in each of their lives they've had the opportunity to say "no" and continue with the status quo or say "YES!" and lead. 

Every person's leadership journey is different and I've made a life-long habit of asking leaders to share how they became the leader they are today. 

Tune in to WMOM 102.7FM or every Saturday at 8am while I explore a different West Michigan leader's journey and the times they said, "YES!".

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