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Holiday Debt, Financial Stress, & Your Team

December and January tend to be extremely stressful months for us and our employees.

In December everyone is worried about getting the right gifts and making making the holidays festive for themselves, friends and families. Lots of pressure to get it right.

January is when all the bills from December show up and shake people out of their holi-daze. Lots of stress from all that debt.

Since our primary responsibility is developing our employees, I always have plenty of financial health books in my lending library. Here are the financial books I hand out the most:

And the #1 book people borrow:

Although financial health is something we should focus on throughout the year, it tends to be magnified during the holiday season. Whether they agree or not, your employees' financial health is your business.

Stress from debt is distracting and affects the quality of their work. If this situation occurs, go ahead and counsel them on their actions and if finances are the problem, recommend some the programs above.

Oh, before I close...are you stressed about your finances?


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