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Leadership Stamina Takes Time

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Management isn't easy and at first, most people are not prepared for the mental grind. The near constant flow of information from below, laterally and above is daunting.

For most people, it takes a long time to develop the demeanor required to excel in management. Those who accept mediocrity tend to quit just as they are about to make a breakthrough. Their leadership team let's them give up. That is not acceptable.

Further, the curve is quite steep when you are learning which decisions you can make versus those that need to be made at higher levels or those that should be pushed to lower levels. Oh and everyone wants answers now, if not sooner.

It takes time to develop the necessary stamina to excel in management. You gain strength daily, not all at once. There's no shortcut, but the process isn't challenging either.

Every day we should be scanning the workload to see if there are ways to include junior members into the process. This way you can help them build stamina while helping you work on your delegation skills.

Added bonus: junior employees gain a sense of ownership in the company because you're making an effort to include them.

Start the growing process early and your future managers will have the stamina required to break through to exceptional performance.



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